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Welcome to Team STA

Management & Development

With over 30 years of experience in many small and large business environments, we have taken on projects ranging from retail store chain operations to beverage manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. Currently, our focus has shifted to management and development.  As an integral piece in organizing limited partnerships in various projects, Team STA has been the lead general partner on various real estate transactions with a total volume in excess of $300 million with a concentration in Michigan, Florida and Arizona.

Tinelle Properties, LLC.

Real Estate & Property Management
Founded in 1987

STA Management, LLC.

Domino’s Pizza Partner
Founded in 2009

TyVy Pet Enterprises, LLC.

TyVy Pet Hotel
Founded in 2015

Future Projects

In addition to growing and maximizing existing projects, we currently have many projects under development, including (but not limited to):


Marina in development (80 slips, 120 boat mooring field, & Harbor Master building to house restaurant, bar and banquet center) – Punta Gorda, FL

Associated National Brands